1. Regarding the Scope of this Privacy Policy

  • (1) Scope
    • This Privacy Policy is applicable to any information, such as names, addresses, birth dates, gender, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc., provided by users through the website [] (hereafter "our website") managed and maintained by TOPRANK Co., Ltd. (hereafter, "we") that could be used to reference, infer, or identify a user of this website and contact them (hereafter "personal data.")
  • (2) Precedence of Special Notes
    • In cases when individual pages on this website (hereafter, individual pages) have other remarks for the collection of personal data that do not overlap with this Privacy Policy or there is a third-party link from this site to Facebook, Twitter, line, or a recruitment site, etc., with its own privacy policy, the other policy shall take precedence over this Privacy Policy.

2. Use of Personal Data

  • (1) Collection of Personal Data
    • 1) In general, this site shall be for viewing purposes and not for the provision of personal data. However, in cases of user registrations, newsletter subscriptions, or inquiries over our contact form, etc., we will collect personal data.
    • 2) This site tracks information such as individual page views, viewing times, etc. We use the information we collect for analyzing website views to improve the website itself and our marketing efforts.
  • (2) Purpose of Use of Personal Data
    • We only use personal data collected through this website for the following purposes:
    • 1) Checking and responding to suggestions, inquiries, comments about our company information, businesses, etc.
    • 2) Receiving contact for open positions, employment applications, replies, and hiring efforts.
    • 3) Data provided for mail magazines, direct mail, and other announcements.
    • 4) Surveys, analyses, marketing to improve the quality of our website.
    • 5) Providing URL information from users who send blank e-mails to us to set up accounts.
  • (3) Exceptions
    • We do not take responsibility for personal information collected under the following circumstances:
    • 1) Unrequired personal data accidentally collected through forms on our site submitted by users themselves.
    • 2) Data entered on third-party sites after following a link from our site.
    • 3) Personal data that was not entered or updated correctly.
    • 4) Data submitted by users regarding persons other than the user themselves.
  • (4) Provision to Third-Parties
    • Apart from cases in which users provide personal data described below, we do not release personal data to third-parties.
    • 1) In cases when the user has agreed.
    • 2) In cases when required for outsourced work.
    • 3) In cases when, upon reviewing the content, it is deemed appropriate to have an affiliate of our company respond to inquiries.
    • 4) In cases of corporate mergers, breakups, transfer of duties, etc. when personal data must be transferred for the continuation of business.
    • 5) In cases when required by law to reveal personal data by a court of law, law enforcement office, or other official entity.

3. Disclosing, Correcting, and Ending Use of Personal Data

  • Data entered into our site will be disclosed only after receiving a request from and confirming the request with the user.
  • However, if any of the following point pertaining to disclosure of data are applicable, we may decide not to disclose parts of the data or the data in its entirety and will notify the user of such without delay.
    • 1) In cases where there is reason to believe that the individual or a third-party and their rights or property may be in moral, physical, or financial danger.
    • 2) If there is or reason to believe the data would cause a hindrance to our business.
    • 3) In cases of other illegal practices.
    • However, no personal data will be revealed other than the access log, etc.

4. Safety Measures for Personal Data

  • For the safe management and maintenance of users' personal data, we are taking measures to prevent users' personal data from third-party access, loss, damage, alteration, and leaking to third-parties.

5. Cookies

  • Cookies are data saved onto users' computers and other devices from website owners through web browsers.
  • Cookies can save information about the users who visit a site and the pages that they view.
  • Our site uses cookies for the following reasons:
    • 1) Session management.
    • 2) Customization for users' personal preferences.
    • 3) Provision of advertising and other information tailored to users' needs.
    • Furthermore, depending on the browser used, cookies can be turned off in advance. For details on how to change the settings on your browser, please contact the program provider.

6. Opting to Provide Personal Data

  • On our website, providing personal data is completely voluntary. However, if personal data is not provided, it is possible that we will not be able to perform appropriate services.

7. Changes to Our Privacy Policy

  • The content of this Privacy Policy is subject to change according to alterations in laws as well as the rules and regulations of our company. We will always provide the latest version of our Privacy Policy on our website.

8. Contact

  • The following department shall handle inquiries into personal data used on this website.

TOPRANK Co., Ltd. Administrative Division